Serious Games Asia started with a single belief in the power of direct play-learners’ data-driven feedback using simulation games. We know that great insights are possible when we can find authentic ways to measure learning and assess skill competencies using ‘raw’ players’ in-game responses. This lead us to create the all-in-one platform to deploy all genres of serious games and to consolidate granular gameplay data; our proprietary  Serious Games – Training and Assessment Platform (SG-TAP). At the heart of this platform is the engine that drives the entire analytical machinery: GamesTrax.

We are able to draw meaningful inferences to:

  1. establish skills competencies;
  2. predict play-learners’ performances;
  3. provide personalized and scaffolded learning experiences;
  4. increase retention rates;
  5. improve the design of digital learning tools; 
  6. improve the cost-efficiency of using digital learning tools; and
  7. deploy serious games efficiently.

SG-TAP continues to be a work-in-progress platform with collaborative partnerships, because we believe that only through harnessing the power of WE, are we able to bring value to our communities of trainers and play-learners.

Do you have a Simulation Game that you like to deploy?

  • We offer a central housing facility for all curated digital game-based resources without asking for the original source files.   
  • Our portfolio of services includes a one-stop distribution and administrative solution for your digital game (licence fees collection, royalty tracking, and user access management).
  • We offer expertise to track simulation game interaction data for all digital game-based resources.   
  • Our portfolio of services includes data identification, classification, collation,  and visualisation through a dashboard.

Do you need help to track Simulation Game Interaction Data?

  • We offer experienced game-based instructional designers to work along side subject-matter-experts for all digital game-based design work.   
  • Our portfolio of services includes identifying learning objectives, translating learning objectives into game mechanics, storyboarding, dashboard visualisation, and connecting game results to skill competencies.

Do you want a game instructional designer to help design a data-driven Simulation Game?

by Serious Games Asia