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“One powerful solution to manage, deliver, assess and
track game-based digital learning”

What is the Serious Games - Training & Assessment Platform (SG-TAP)?

SG-TAP is a singular platform for:

  • trainers to build engaging game-based digital courses
  • learners to acquire skills anytime, anywhere through serious games.

SG-TAP offers a coordinated approach that enhances digital game-based learning through in-game empirical data; empowers trainers to build and iterate content and courses quickly while at the same time rigorously measure learner outcomes.

For learners, this is the platform that houses the digital game-based resources to fuel their development and enables them to level up through continuous training and assessment.

“Play is training for the unexpected.”

~ Marc Bekoff ~

Believing in the power of direct learner’ data-driven feedback, and that great insights are possible when we find authentic ways to measure learning and assessment, SG-TAP is developed with this one goal in mind by Serious Games Asia.  The engine that drives the entire learning machinery of SG-TAP is our own proprietary AI solution: GAMESTRAX.

Serious Games Asia


SG-TAP is a continuous work-in-progress collaborative partnership with international partners because we believe that only through harnessing the power of WE, SGA is able to bring value to our trainers and learners.

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