A cloud-based academy that combines immersive gameplay, practical skills learning framework and data-driven assessment.


One Solution

Everything you need to deliver engaging game-based learning from a centralized, accessible platform.

Quick to Set Up

Our quick-to-set-up platform and expert support leaves the "go-live" date up to you.

User Centric

Built for trainers and learners, our simple and intuitive interface makes training a user-focused experience.


Experiential games that immerse learners in a deliberately designed context

On-demand & Flexible

Bite-sized modules that can take place anytime, anywhere

Practical Applications

Expert-validated scenarios where learners feel safe making mistakes for the purpose of learning.

Learning Analytics

Easy-to-read learning analytics that helps define learner’s goals, assess progress and track performance.

Effective Learning

Learners acquire the skills and desired behaviours through experimentation and experience.

Comprehensive Tools

Administrators have access to tools such as course builder, resource management, e-assessment and e-certification.

The digital learning landscape has rapidly evolved and is fundamentally different today than just five years ago. Given these developments, how do we create engaging learning experiences, enable trainers to build and iterate content and courses efficiently while at the same time generate meaningful reporting and analytics?
Conceived to address these issues, SG TAP presents a coordinated approach – one powerful solution to manage, deliver, assess and track game-based digital learning. On this single platform, trainers can easily build engaging courses with ready curated content and expert-validated games; learners acquire the skills and desired behaviours through bite-sized modules that can take place anytime, anywhere.
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