A cloud-based academia offering simulation games content that combines accurate skills training, with immersive gameplay and player interaction dashboard.

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One Platform Solution

Everything you need to deliver engaging game-based simulations from a centralized platform.

Accessible By Everyone

Our game workshops are easy to set up and supports thousands of play-learners at any given time.

Comprehensive Tools

Administrators have access to tools such as course setup, user onboarding, e-assessment and e-certification.

Player Centric Design

Built for trainers and play-learners, our simple and intuitive interface makes training a player-focused experience.

Player Action Reporting

Play-learners' results capture the un-curated decisions taken and translates to real levels of skill competencies.

Real World Applications

Expert-validated scenarios where play-learners feel safe making mistakes for the purpose of learning.

Learning Analytics

Easy-to-read learning analytics that helps define play-learner’s mistakes, progress and performance.

Immersive & Accurate

Experiential games that immerse play-learners in a deliberately designed real-world setting.

Effective Learning

Play-learners acquire the skills and desired behaviours through experimentation and experience.

by Serious Games Asia

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