Our Platform

“Our platform enables the deployment of role-playing games, multiplayer escape room games, virtual-reality games, and any sensor-attached games creating a digital campus driven by game-based interaction data to develop the ultimate evidence-based learning ecosystem.”

Game-based Learning Platform

TAP offers an all-in-one platform to create a positive learning experience for our play-learners. Our play-learner centric platform enables a sequence of learning that structures and scaffolds the learning journey through variety of game-based approaches. The purpose is to empower our trainers to bring their online classes to life.

Complete Integration Capability

TAP has developed a technological infrastructure that is secure and robust. We also have a data API allowing third party Unity or UnReal games to be integrated with TAP. Third party game developers can easily share their game interaction data into our centralised learning record store. Let TAP handle the cumbersome part of visualising the game activities data.

VRx simulation game is Virtual Reality Game requiring either Oculus Rift S or Oculus Quest 2. This game solution comprises of five virtual patient encounter scenarios which immerse players in a virtual pharmacy environment to hone their competency skills via visual and motion capture technologies. VRx was developed to train players on medication safety practices through the accomplishment of key tasks in three main areas: (a) Prescription validation and processing; (b) Medication processing; & (c) Compliance to medication safety practices at the workplace.

The Blood Transfusion Game is a desktop role-playing Unity3D game. This game evaluates the player’s ability to perform the process of blood administration safely. The game includes collection of specimens for group and cross matching, performing safety checks prior to transfusion and monitoring of transfusion reactions. Players will encounter 7 stages in the game, involving collecting blood specimen, checking of documents for blood transfusion, obtaining and transporting blood from the blood bank, gathering correct requisites for transfusion, patient verification and checking of the blood, initiating the blood transfusion and patient monitoring during the transfusion.

A recovering patient fall in their home and community is often a preventable situation. A fall can result in serious injury or even death, so taking the proper precautions is an important cause for recovering patient and their care provider. This game focuses on the interventions that can mean the difference in whether an at risk patient suffers a fall. With the challenges built in the Roblox platform, each player will exercise their ability to solve puzzles to clear each stage in the game and finally discover the location of the hidden treasure.

Sticky Sugar Escape Room is a digital multiplayer training game that is developed for healthcare professionals on management of diabetes, critical thinking skills, communication skills, teamwork, and preventable medication errors in a safe environment to TARGET ZERO HARM. The escape room game uses puzzles and creative storyboard to improve the learning outcomes for play-learners.

IV NIMBLE (Nursing Innovation in Mobility-based Learning). It is an immersive game co-developed by a team of SGH nurses to make learning realistic, and reflective. IV NIMBLE comes with an analytics dashboard that captures data for trainees and trainers to review and identify areas for improvement. It also comprises a virtual patient avatar for nurses to practice talking to patients, a 3D-printed hand that mimics the texture of normal human skin and tissue, and a pressure sensor glove that gauges the pressure as cannulation is performed. The training game is deployed through TAP.

How does it works?

If you are a serious game owner or game developer and you would like to take advantage of  GamesTrax, simply contact us to start sharing your game SCORM with us to see how much game interaction data your game is tracking.  

We will share our data API with you and set up a test course in TAP to review the game dashboard generated by GamesTrax.

If you are happy with the dashboard, we will upload your game into the TAP Marketplace (to be ready by 1st quarter 2024).  TAP Marketplace is an curated platform for serious games owners/developers to list their games for organisations and institutions to licence.

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