giving your data a voice

Dashboards and spreadsheets tell you what is happening. But they do not tell you why.

The combination of data, visuals, and narrative – data storytelling – will allow businesses to discover more valuable insights than ever before. For too long, the focus has been on uncovering key insights, but communicating them is equally important.

To this end, GamesTrax was conceived – to offer a way of communicating insights effectively and giving your data a voice.

In 2023, GamesTrax launched our own data API to simplify the process of transferring in-game activity data for our partnering game developers. They could now leverage on a secured and easy way to provide insightful information.

In addition to combining data science with visualisation techniques to spot trends and patterns in datasets, GamesTrax works with our clients to create narratives to augment the comprehension of new information and draw meaningful inferences to:

  • predict performances;
  • provide personalized and scaffolded learning experiences;
  • increase retention rates;
  • improve the design of digital learning tools; and
  • improve the cost-efficiency of using digital learning tools in training and assessments.

Through data storytelling, GamesTrax hopes to provide a human perspective on the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

If you like to find out how GamesTrax can help in your data story-telling, please reach out to